I Got Hurt at Charley's. What Do I Do?*

When you and your family go to a restaurant you do so to have some time out relaxing over a meal. You really don’t expect to wind up on a hospital bed with your leg in plaster or your face all bandaged up.

This scenario is quite a possibility if you happen to frequent a place which is not as well looked after as it should be. If you, or a family member, does end up with serious injuries, perhaps because you slipped over on a greasy floor surface, you may be staring at bills for medical treatment you never anticipated.

If someone else was to blame because they were negligent in attending to the condition of the establishment you visited, you may be able to claim damages from them to help pay for the cost of your injuries.

In any personal injury claim, it is best to seek advice from an experienced accident attorney before taking any legal action.

Restaurants Could Have Slip and Fall Accidents

The sorts of food and drink that any restaurant sells could cause serious slips and falls if the manager does not maintain the restaurant in acceptable condition. These sorts of restaurants can get busy at lunchtimes and as customers move around quickly, carrying trays of food and drink, it’s possible that some slippery substances could get dropped on the floor.

If another customer is not quick to see the hazard he or she could slip over and cause some nasty injuries.

There are two ways a slip and fall takes place. The first is when the victim slips and loses balance and falls forward and the second way is when the victim falls over backwards. Both these types of accidents can result in a variety of injuries which could include serious head, back and neck injuries as well as the more obvious cuts and bruises.

Facial lacerations could be a possibility too if your face hits something sharp on impact.

There is No Time To Waste in a Slip and Fall Accident

If you believe that your slip and fall accident in a restaurant could have been avoided had the staff taken more care when keeping the restaurant clean, you may be eligible to file for compensation from the restaurant to cover the financial hardship caused by the accident.

You should talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible and ensure you have some evidence to prove the restaurant was at fault.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Charley's, or any other party you may not be entitled to any compensation.