Help! I Got Hurt at a Dixie Chili. What Do I Do?*

Only slightly less frequent than vehicle accidents, accidents on someone else’s property can lead to serious injuries and a hole in your finances. When you are injured as a result of a hazard that shouldn’t have been there to slip up on or trip you up, you may be entitled to sue the property owner, or one of the employees, if their negligence caused your injuries.

A personal injury claim can help to pay your bills and get you on your feet again. Contact an experienced attorney as soon as you can to discuss your legal options.

How You Could be Hospitalized After a Trip to the Restaurant

The most common accidents in a restaurant are slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. These usually happen when the person who has the accident least expects them to. Typical causes of a slip and fall in any eatery are:

  • slippery floors from food or drink spilled on the ground and not cleaned promptly;
  • uneven or torn floor covering, which needs maintenance or replacement;
  • wet floors after the floor has been cleaned without a warning notice erected;
  • obstructions on the restaurant floor from construction work or ongoing repairs or maintenance;
    • trash left on the ground and not removed quickly enough.

Because you don’t expect to have an accident in a restaurant you tend to be less well prepared when you do fall over. It is easy to land on your back and damage your spine or hit your face or head on something sharp or hard as you fall over.

There is also a tendency to put your arms when you fall to break the fall, but this can result in a broken arm or wrist.

Negligent Restaurant Operators Can be Sued

If you think that you have been inured because of something that one of the employees did or didn’t do or because the manager of the restaurant failed to maintain the restaurant in a safe condition you have the legal right to sue whoever you think was at fault.

The restaurant owner will have insurance to protect against this sort of eventuality so you will need to negotiate fair and full compensation from the insurer. This can prove long winded and difficult unless you get the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Dixie Chili and Deli, or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.