Slip and Fall Accidents at a Qdoba Mexican Grill*

Have you ever slipped over at home and hurt yourself badly? You will probably know just how it can affect you financially. You may not be insured sufficiently to cover the unexpected medical expenses and if you have to stay away from work for too long, you may lose out on wages or even lose your job.

If the accident really happened at home, then you can’t blame anyone else, but what if you had slipped over in a public place like a restaurant or in a supermarket?

The accident may have been caused by someone else’s negligence, but you have to bear the cost. This should not have to happen. If this does happen to you, or a member of your family, it will be in your interest to contact a personal injury attorney to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation.

Could You Get Hurt in a Mexican Grill?

Commercial success does not always mean that every single franchise is managed to the highest standards. Slip and fall type accidents are more likely to happen when locally based managers or the employees who work in the restaurant don’t take safety concerns as seriously as they should.

How Injuries can Happen in a Fast Food Restaurant

Most accidents in a restaurant context are slip, trip and fall or burns and scalds. The latter are usually caused by coming into contact with food or drinks that are too hot or equipment that has been left in a place that is not safe.

Slip trip and fall accidents usually happen when the surface of the floor in the restaurant is uneven, there is food remains, drink or other liquid spills, recently mopped floors, or trash on the ground. It is unusual for these sorts of hazards to be left unattended for long, but if the restaurant is very busy, or staff are untrained or lazy, then it is possible that the hazardous conditions could remain for long enough for an accident to happen. It is the unexpected nature of a restaurant slip and fall that makes injuries often more serious than they should be.

How a Personal Injury Claim Could Succeed

It is important in any personal injury claim after an accident in a public place like a restaurant to be able to prove that the fault lies with someone else. In many states, it is more difficult to claim full compensation if you, as the injured party, were somehow to blame for the accident. This can be quite difficult as it must be shown that the manager of the restaurant or one or more of the employees were quite aware of a hazard but had not tackled it quick enough or effectively enough.

For example, if the floor of the rest room has been cleaned out and left wet, this could be a slip hazard. Normally, the rest room is closed until the floor is dry or at least a warning is posted. If this does not happen and someone injures themselves, this may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the restaurant company or specific individuals working there.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You Win a Claim

When an accident happens, it can be a worrying time if the injuries are serious and you are facing huge bills. Because of the need to prove liability, even if you are certain that you were not to blame for the accident, it makes a lot of sense to contact an experienced accident attorney to help you prepare a compensation claim against those responsible for your injuries.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Qdoba Mexican Grill, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.