What Do I Do After an Injury at Taco Tico?*

Injuries that result from slipping over on something left on the floor of a restaurant can be enough to force you to get medical treatment, possibly in a hospital and lose time off work. This can end up being a very expensive business.

Who was responsible for the accident? If it was a restaurant worker, or the management itself, that created the hazard and didn’t warn you about it or was aware of the risk but did nothing about it, then you may be able to recover the cost of the injury.

It will mean making a personal injury claim against whoever was at fault. This will only be successful if there is sufficient evidence to show who was at fault. If unsure about your situation, talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as your injuries allow.

Why an Injury Might Lead to Legal Action

Injuries don’t just happen. There is always a reason why they occur. If you are injured at a Taco Tico or a similar restaurant, it is likely that someone at the restaurant failed to ensure that the floor surface was safe. Many fast food restaurants have smooth, hard floor surfaces.

This makes sense as far as cleaning is concerned, but it does mean that any little bit of liquid on the floor could present a slip hazard.

Most restaurant goers do not expect to have any kind of accident at all, so if they do slip over, it could mean a hard fall. Objects in the way might mean nasty injuries. Broken bones, especially in the arms, wrists and hands are quite common slip and fall injuries.

This is because when people start to slip, they stick their hands and arms out to break the fall. If there is any twisting movement as the person slips and falls, it is quite possible to dislocate a joint.

Hip joints, ankles, shoulders, all are potentially at risk from joint dislocations. The worst case scenario is when the accident victim slips and hits their heads hard or falls flat on their backs. Brain and spinal injuries may take years to recover, if at all.

Ask a PI Attorney’s Advice if Injured

If you are unsure whether it is wise to file a personal injury claim, ask an experienced accident attorney. The attorney will have dealt with slip and fall injury cases before, so know whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a claim.

Most attorneys who work in the personal injury sector offer their services on a contingency fee basis. That means that you shouldn’t have anything to pay up front, as any legal fees are normally only paid if and when the claim is settled satisfactorily.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Taco Tico, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.