Five Things to Do If Your Engine Was Damaged In a Crash

Car crashes can result in serious injuries and severe damages to a vehicle. If you were in a serious accident that caused your car to suffer engine damage, you can recover compensation through a personal injury claim.

If your car’s engine was damaged in a crash, it will be needing expensive repairs to be operational again. If it will cost more to fix the damages than the car is worth, then your car will be considered a total loss.

You will want to pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible party to cover the costs of fixing or replacing your vehicle. Here are five things to do if your engine was damaged in a crash:

1. Call the police.An accident report will need to be completed. The responding officer will come out to the scene and investigate. Be sure to tell the officer what happened and how it happened. You should only state the facts, so the officer will be able to determine what caused your crash.

2. Check to see if there were any witnesses to the crash that damaged your car engine. Witnesses can be a significant help for any accident. Ask any witnesses to provide written statements detailing what they saw. Also, ask them to include their names as well as contact details so they can be contacted later for additional information. The insurance company will need this information as they work on resolving your personal injury claim.

3. Take photographs of the accident scene. This can be done using your smartphone if you are physically able to do so. Get photos from all angles and be sure to get close-up images of the damages and of any visible injuries. You will want to get photos of the engine damage as well, so be sure to talk to your mechanic about that. Your automotive technician can help you get the right photos to show your damages and how they resulted from the crash.

4. Exchange insurance information and contact details with the other driver. This way, you can provide your insurance with the other driver’s details, so they can start working with the other driver and their insurance company right away. This could help speed up the claims process, which can help your issue get resolved and allow you to get your car’s engine repaired or get the funds to buy another vehicle.

5. Contact a personal injury attorney. You will need to seek the help of an accident injury lawyer. With help from an attorney, the odds of winning your personal injury claim increase drastically. Personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, so you have nothing at all to lose. Your lawyer will not be paid until you get compensated the your damaged engine through a judgment or a personal injury claim. Get your Free Case Evaluation today.

With the right planning, and by properly preserving documentation and evidence, you can have a successful personal injury claim if your engine was damaged in a crash.

Five Things to Do If Your Engine Was Damaged In a Crash

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