Five Things To Do After Someone Slashes Your Tires

If you return to find your tires slashed, you will be upset. You will want to determine who did this, why it happened, and how you can have your damages covered. You will need to pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible party so you can be reimbursed for your losses.

Here are five things that you can do after someone slashes your tires so you can have a successful personal injury claim.

1. Speak with witnesses – Witnesses are essential to a successful personal injury claim after your tires have been slashed. Witnesses might be able to identify the perpetrator or provide detailed information that helps to determine who did this and why they did it. This is an essential part of the investigation. Ask witnesses to provide written statements and include their names and contact details.

2. Call the police – You will need to have an incident report completed. You won’t get anywhere with a he-said, she-said type of dispute. You will want to work with law enforcement regarding the situation. They will investigate the accident and determine if criminal charges are warranted. If criminal charges are filed, this will help your personal injury claim. Be sure the officer is made aware of any witnesses that you find.

3. Take photos – You should take photos of your vehicle in the parking spot and of the damages it sustained. Be sure to get close-up photos of all angles, showing where your car was located when the tires were slashed. Get close-ups of the tire damages, showing how the cuts were made and the severity of the damage to the tires. You will need to get estimates or receipts for the cost of replacing your tires.

Five Things To Do After Someone Slashes Your Tires

4. Look for cameras – Many parking areas and businesses have surveillance cameras. This camera could have recorded the entire incident and may show the perpetrator actually slashing your tires. This could be the information that you need to succeed with your personal injury claim. Video is convincing evidence and can build a case.

5. Work with a personal injury lawyer – Building a strong personal injury claim after having your tires slashed can be challenging. A personal injury lawyer will investigate the situation, go over all the evidence and documentation and work to build a strong case. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page today to have the details of your case reviewed by a personal injury lawyer in your area.

With the right preparation and documentation, you can have a successful personal injury claim after someone has slashed your tires. With the help of a lawyer and by following through with these steps, your odds of a successful claim will increase significantly. Tires are expensive, so it is only normal to want to hold the liable party responsible for your damages.

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