Will A Lawyer Take My Case After A Slip And Fall At Dollar Tree?*

Dollar stores such as Dollar Tree handle a large volume of foot traffic throughout every business day. The result is the potential for a customer to slip and fall on a hard floor, which can cause one or more injuries. If you slipped and fell at a dollar store like Dollar Tree, you might be entitled to receive just compensation to pay for the costs associated with your injuries. A personal injury attorney will take your case if the lawyer decides the company is liable for your injuries and there is enough compelling evidence to file a civil lawsuit.

Types of Monetary Damages Awarded

More than 800,000 Americans receive some type of hospital care each year because of a slip and fall. Hundreds of thousands more see a physician to diagnose and treat slip and fall injuries. Although the amount of the monetary damages awarded in a case varies depending on the extent of the injuries and the circumstance surrounding a slip and fall incident, paying for medical costs is the number one priority of personal injury attorneys.

The costs of medical care start with paying for the diagnosis of all injuries associated with a slip and fall at a dollar store like Dollar Tree. Diagnostic costs include the cost of using advanced technology, as well as the time spent performing the diagnosis by a state-licensed doctor. Treating the injuries caused by a slip and fall represents the most substantial medical cost, as treatments can go on for weeks at a time. Finally, you have to consider the costs of rehabilitating the injuries generated by a slip and fall incident.

How an Attorney Decides Whether to Take a Slip and Fall Case

Although monetary damages are a factor in determining whether an attorney takes a slip and fall case, the most important factor is assigning liability to the store where the client fell. There are two ways a personal injury lawyer can prove the negligence of a dollar store such as Dollar Tree. First, a property owner should have discovered a potentially dangerous condition before a slip and fall incident. The second way to prove negligence is to collect evidence that demonstrates the property owner created the dangerous condition.

The Importance of Submitting Convincing Evidence

Collecting evidence is everything when it comes to proving store liability for a slip and fall case. Dollar stores like Dollar Tree install advanced security surveillance systems to stop and deter shoplifting. The footage shot during your slip and fall incident should present the compelling evidence you need to move forward with your case. Video footage can include the lack of a wet floor sign placed over a wet floor or an employee walking by an obvious slick spot and doing nothing about it. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to file a petition to acquire the video footage shot at the time you slipped and fell at a dollar store such as Dollar Tree.

Will A Lawyer Take My Case After A Slip And Fall At Dollar Tree?*

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Dollar Store, or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.