Will A Lawyer Take My Case After A Slip And Fall At Speedway?*

If you slipped and fell at a convenience store such as Speedway, you must prove store negligence to win a civil lawsuit. This means collecting and presenting compelling evidence that proves your case. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer gives you a much better chance of winning a slip and fall claim.

Types of Monetary Damages

The amount of economic damage caused is the most important type of monetary damage for a slip and fall claim. Economic damage starts with the exorbitant cost of diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating the injuries caused by a slip and fall. Crutches, x-rays, and prescription medications represent some of the most common healthcare costs associated with a slip and fall case. You also have to consider the lost wages associated with a slip and fall. This includes your personal injury attorney presenting to the judge overseeing your case a realistic projection of future lost wages. Another factor to consider for the future is the cost of additional treatments for your injuries.

How a Lawyer Determines Whether You Have a Strong Case

To hold a property owner legally responsible for a slip and fall incident, you have to prove one of two events occurred. First, a lawyer wants to determine whether the property owner knew about the conditions that caused the slip and fall. For example, if a shift supervisor at a convenience store such as Speedway recognized a dangerous slick spot, but did nothing about it, then the company could be on the legal hook for taking care of your incident-related expenses. The other way to prove negligence is for an attorney to prove the property owner caused the dangerous condition. One example might be refusing to repair a leak at the beverage station.

Evidence to Submit with a Slip and Fall Claim

Another factor that determines whether a personal injury lawyer takes your case is the strength of the evidence. Security footage of the incident scene is a good place to start collecting convincing evidence. A time-stamped video can clearly present the cause of the slip and fall, as well as demonstrate what party was responsible for the conditions that triggered the incident. Witnesses to the slip and fall offer corroborating evidence that supports video footage. You want to interview witnesses as soon as possible after a slip and fall to ensure the utmost accuracy. Documentation of your injuries in the form of sworn statements made by one or more healthcare professionals is another strong piece of evidence in a slip and fall case.

Will A Lawyer Take My Case After A Slip And Fall At Speedway?*

Seek Legal Counsel

A large convenience store chain like Speedway has a powerful legal team waiting to defend the company against a slip and fall lawsuit. To counter the legal strength of a corporate legal team, you should speak with an accomplished personal injury lawyer to devise an effective strategy to seek just compensation. Most personal injury attorneys schedule a free case evaluation to get an idea of how best to proceed with a case.

Act with a sense of urgency by requesting a free case evaluation.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Speedway, or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.