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Do I Need a Lawyer If the Other Driver Claims I Was At Fault?

It’s no fun if you are hit by another driver. Even if you are the most careful driver in the world, it is impossible to predict what every other driver could do. Sometimes, you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You would think that if you were not to blame for an accident and you were injured that there would be a good chance of recovering compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer. But what happens if the other driver claims that you were at fault?

This is not an uncommon scenario. You may find that legal help from an experienced personal injury lawyer will go a long way to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Evidence That Can Prove Negligence After a Crash

Assuming the crash took place in an at-fault state, you would normally try to recover damages through a personal injury claim. You will need to prove who was negligent. There are several ways that this can be done, and a personal injury lawyer can advise you on suitable evidence. The more evidence you can obtain that backs up your side of the story, the more likely that your claim will be successful and any counter claim from the other driver will have less impact.

The sort of evidence that will prove useful includes:

  • Photographic evidence at the crash scene
  • Police report
  • Witness statements
  • Vehicle damage report

Do I Need a Lawyer If the Other Driver Claims I Was At Fault?

Why Consider a Lawyer?

No insurer likes to pay compensation if they can help it. If their client claims that you were to blame, even a little, it is likely that this driver’s insurer will try and stall any claim from you and attempt to find reasons to deny it altogether. This is where the help from a lawyer can really make a difference.

Personal injury lawyers handle many claims like yours. They know state laws inside out. Even if there is shared fault for a particular accident, it doesn’t necessarily mean you would lose out on compensation.

Many states have comparative fault laws, which allow compensation to be paid in proportion to the amount of fault on each side. However, if you are sure you were not to blame at all for the accident, it is vital that you obtain sufficient evidence to prove it. The final decision about paying compensation will be won or lost based on evidence, and assistance from an experienced lawyer working on your side will likely increase your chances of winning your claim.

Work With a PI Lawyer Today

If you are injured in an accident and believe that you were not at fault, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity. If the driver who hit you claims that you were to blame, or even only partially to blame, you are likely to find that the driver’s insurer will be hard to deal with and may deny your claim unless you have very convincing evidence proving who was at fault.

An experienced PI lawyer will know what your chance of success is and will prove invaluable when you are attempting to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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