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Do You Need a Lawyer If You Were Hit at a Stoplight?

Intersections are some of the most common locations for car crashes and collisions. There are many different possible reasons for a crash at an intersection. For example, a driver may fail to take any notice of a stoplight and crash into you. Distracted driving is a typical cause of stoplight collisions.

If you are injured and believe that this was due to another driver’s negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation through a personal injury claim. Claims are not always straightforward, and you may find that it helps to use an experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Damages You May Receive After a Crash at a Stoplight

If you are hit by another driver at a stoplight, your injuries could range from shock through to severe consequences like brain damage, broken bones, cuts and bruises, and whiplash. The injuries depend on the speed at which you were hit, the size and weight of the vehicle that hit you, and the angle of the collision.

You will want to recover damages such as medical costs, repair costs to your car, lost earnings, and a significant payment for the pain and suffering experienced.

Do You Need a Lawyer If You Were Hit at a Stoplight?

Any personal injury claim depends on proof that the driver who hit you at the stoplight was at fault. There are many ways that you could show who was to blame. A police report will be very useful, as will be eye witness statements and any photographic evidence that you can obtain at the crash scene. Good, clear evidence will help support the claim you submit.

Why Consider a Lawyer?

Very often, genuine claims are rejected by insurers, especially if there is no clear evidence that their client was responsible for the accident and your injuries. Insurance adjusters will also be emboldened by a victim who seems to have no legal help. One common strategy is to offer a much smaller amount than what has been requested in the hope that the accident victim doesn’t know how to negotiate more skillfully or gives up when faced with an obstinate response to their claim.

Personal injury lawyers will know how state laws affect a particular claim, can help ensure evidence is convincing, and can negotiate persuasively with an insurer who will be eager not to have to fight the case in court.

Work With a PI Lawyer Today

Most PI lawyers work on a contingency fee arrangement if they take up your case. This means it is not sensible to try and negotiate a PI claim all on your own without the legal help that an experienced lawyer can provide. A contingency fee means that the cost of using the lawyer is deferred until a settlement is obtained on behalf of the accident victim.

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