Do You Need a Lawyer If You Are Hit By an Uninsured Motorist?

One of the worst bits of news after a car crash which was not your fault is to find out that the at-fault driver was not insured. The fact that he or she may be arrested and face a charge is of no help to you if you have bills to pay.

The best advice is to talk to a personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. The lawyer will know from experience what these options are. Depending on the exact circumstances involved and the assets the other driver possesses, you may still be able to obtain the compensation you need.

Damages You May Receive After a Car Crash

Ordinarily, if you have been hit by another driver and your car has been damaged, as well as injuries to you and to any other occupants of your car, you would be seeking substantial damages. These would include repair bills, compensation for medical treatment, replacement of any lost wages, and compensation for the pain and suffering experienced.

Personal injury claims are filed with the at-fault driver’s insurer, but if the other driver is uninsured this obviously becomes a significant stumbling block.

Do You Need a Lawyer If You Are Hit By an Uninsured Motorist?

A personal injury lawyer will investigate the exact financial circumstances of the other driver and any other ways that you can recover damages. The lawyer will then discuss what options you have. These may involve a claim on the uninsured driver’s assets or, failing that, examining your own auto insurance policy. In some cases, you may be able to claim if you have uninsured motorist insurance which you were not aware of.

Why Consider a Lawyer if Hit by an Uninsured Motorist?

Uninsured or underinsured motorist crashes are some of the worst types of accidents as it is not clear cut whether you will ever be able to recover damages from the driver at fault. Most personal injury claims depend first and foremost on demonstrating negligence, and it is assumed that a settlement would be forthcoming from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. An uninsured motorist may very well be charged with a criminal offense, but that doesn’t help you pay your bills.

It is in these circumstances that you really need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will have come across these sorts of situations before and will know what your legal options are. These will depend on the exact circumstances involved, but whatever these are you are more likely to eventually obtain the compensation you need with the help of a lawyer than trying to do everything yourself.

Work With a PI Lawyer Today

If you are worried about paying for a lawyer if left trying to deal with a crash caused by an uninsured motorist, this shouldn’t deter you. Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency. They normally offer an initial free consultation and if they take on your case will defer legal fees until a successful settlement is reached.

If you are unsure which PI lawyer to contact, please use our free case evaluation form below.

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