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Do You Need a PI Attorney if Your Wheel Was Damaged?

Car accidents result in damaged vehicles. If you have been in a car accident that resulted in a damaged wheel, you should consult with a personal injury attorney who handles auto accident injury claims.

The cost of repairing a wheel is expensive, and that might catch you by surprise. Plus, you will most likely have other damages and expenses related to the crash. It is important to have a damaged wheel repaired right away. Don’t drive a vehicle that has wheel damage.

Damaged Wheel in a Car Accident

Repairing a wheel that has been damaged is probably more expensive than you might believe. If a wheel has more than superficial damage, it isn’t a simple fix it yourself project.

Instead, you will need to enlist the help of a professional. The entire wheel might require replacement. Of course, the make and model of your vehicle and the kind of wheel that your vehicle has will impact the cost.

Some luxury vehicles or high-end SUVs might cost upwards of $1,000 for a single wheel. If your vehicle’s wheel has damage to the appearance, it can cost hundreds of dollars to fix scratches and scuffs, but some wheels, such as plastic clad wheels cannot be repaired, and replacement is a necessity. To repair the damage to a chrome wheel and re-plate it can cost upwards of $500. Of course, the tire might also need to be replaced.

How to Prove You Weren’t at Fault for the Crash

For your personal injury claim to be successful, you will need to be able to show that the other driver in the accident had acted negligently. There are four elements of negligence that you will need to demonstrate, so here is a rundown of what must be shown.

Duty – The other party owed you a duty. This is a responsibility to act in a certain way. In this case, it was to obey traffic laws and to avoid an accident.

The duty was breached – The other driver breached his duty by failing to drive safely. He ignored traffic laws and that caused your damages. As an example, he ran a stop sign and struck the right front wheel on your car.

Causation – You will need to show that breaching his or her duty resulted in the crash. That breach of duty resulted in his car striking your car on the wheel and corner.

Damages – You need to maintain documentation to show you suffered damages. This might include the receipt for a new tire, photos of the damages, estimates for repairing your damaged vehicle, and so forth.

Do You Need a PI Attorney if Your Wheel Was Damaged?

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered a damaged wheel in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you should talk with a personal injury attorney who practices accident injury law in your state about your claim. With the help of a lawyer, your odds of a successful claim increase significantly. You will not pay anything out-of-pocket because personal injury claims work on a contingency basis. Get your Free Case Evaluation today!

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