Motorcycle Crash at a Stoplight

Getting hit by a car at a stoplight while you’re on a motorcycle is all too common. Drivers often complain that they cannot see motorcyclists, but the reality is that they probably aren’t paying close enough attention to the road.

Since motorcyclists are more vulnerable than car drivers, the resulting accidents can result in painful injuries. In this unfortunate situation, the motorcycle riders do have an option: filling a personal injury claim.

A successful claim can help a motorcycle rider pay off medical bills for the injury and focus on healing.

Injuries You Might Sustain from a Car Accident at a Stoplight

Believe it or not, it is possible to get in an accident at stoplight--especially if the driver behind you isn’t paying attention.

If you’re hit at a stoplight, you could suffer injuries that include:

  • A broken arm: Having your heavy motorcycle land on you after a slow collision at a stoplight could cause you to break your ankle when you fall. The recovery for a severe break could take weeks.
  • Road rash: A car may not see your motorcycle and it may tap it, knocking you off of it. Your body could skid across the road, causing a serious skin injury that can require a lengthy recovery period.
  • A shoulder injury: If you land at an odd angle on a curb after a car nudges you at a stoplight, you could easily dislocate your shoulder. The recovery period depends on the person, but the injury could end up being severe enough to require surgery.

Crashed Motorcycle During Rush Hour

When you’re filling your personal injury claim, include the costs of doctor’s visits, medications, and therapy for your injuries.

Add the expenses from future costs to the claim as well, such as long-term care required for your injury.

Damage to Your Motorcycle

That feels like a gentle tap to a car driver can have a huge impact on a motorcycle driver that’s “only been tapped” by a car. For example, a motorcycle could suffer damage to the following parts:

  • Taillight: When a car hits a motorcycle from behind at a stoplight, the motorcycle’s tail light could be destroyed.
  • Paint job: Anytime a motorcycle lands on its side (such as when the driver is trying to swerve from an oblivious driver at stoplight), the paint job will suffer.
  • Broken mirrors: If the motorcycle rider is left off-balance, then he or she could fall off to the side-- and the motorcycle would follow, breaking the mirrors.

The cost of repairs for damage done to a motorcycle after an accident can be included in the personal injury claim.

A personal injury attorney is in the best position to determine how and what to include for damages, so consult with one before you file.

Getting Help for Your Case

Ideally, an attorney would be present at all parts of the process. That way, you can be sure that your case is being handled by a professional who will have the energy and know-how to advocate for you.

With an attorney’s help, you could fund your recovery and not have to worry about medical debt from your injury. Call a PI attorney as soon as you can to get relief as soon as possible.

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