Motorcycle Crashes At Night

Being on the roads at night requires everyone to be cautious. Unfortunately, nighttime driving compounds a huge problem that drivers already have with motorcyclists-- poor visibility. This means that as a motorcycle rider, you’ll be more vulnerable to accidents at night.

If you’ve had an accident on your motorcycle at night, you know better than anyone that it can have serious consequences--consequences that require serious medical bills.

However, a personal injury claim can help you get the money you need to fund your recovery.

Injuries Sustained While Riding a Motorcycle at Night

Poor visibility can cause motorcycle riders to suffer accidents at night. These low-visibility conditions can cause serious injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): At night, a driver could miss you in their blind spot, which could lead to them hitting you. The force could knock you out of your seat, and if you land on your head, you could end up with a TBI.
  • Spinal injuries: A driver might not see you at night, and their car could sideswipe you as a result. You could get flung out of your seat and land on your back.
  • Crushed ribs: If a driver knocks you off your motorcycle and it falls on you, you could suffer crushed ribs, which can take several weeks to heal.

Hit on Motorcycle at Night

Make sure that you gather up the medical bills resulting from these injuries and have them presented in your claim.

You’re welcome to also present future medical costs for your injuries, though you may want a lawyer’s help in dealing with that part of the process.

Damage to the Motorcycle

Motorcycles can get damaged in a number of ways in an accident-- particularly if it’s a high-speed accident at night. For example, a damaged motorcycle could need the following repaired:

  • Broken mirrors: A motorcycle’s mirrors could break it fell over in an accident; the glass could shatter upon impact with the ground. This outcome is possible if a car taps your motorcycle because the driver couldn’t see you and you lose control of your motorcycle.
  • Bent handlebars: When a driver sideswipes you at night, you could careen out of control. Depending on the size of your handlebars and how you fall, your handlebars could get bent out of shape.
  • Damaged engine: If the engine was damaged during the accident due to a high-speed collision at night, you’ll likely need to replace the entire engine-- or depending on what happened, the entire motorcycle.

The repair costs for these damages could be included in your personal injury claim, but you’ll want to consult with your personal injury attorney about what exactly you should and shouldn’t include.

Get the Help You Need for Your Claim

To be frank, having a personal injury attorney at any part of the process can be helpful. When someone else represents you for your claim, you get to spend time focusing on your recovery rather than your case.

Moreover, having a professional personal injury attorney can increase your chances of getting compensation. There’s no need to wait; contact a personal injury attorney today.