Motorcycle Accidents As A Passenger

Motorcycle accidents can be terrifying enough, but they may be even more traumatic if you’re a passenger. And if you were hurt in that accident, your life has probably been altered by it.

These types of accidents can leave you injured and dealing with mountains of bills for injuries from an accident you weren’t responsible for.

However, there’s hope in the form of personal injury claims, which can help you get the compensation you need to deal with the costs of recovery.

Injuries as a Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle drivers are already more vulnerable than car drivers because they lack the exterior protection of a car’s walls. Motorcycle passengers just as vulnerable, if not more so.

They can end up suffering injuries such as:

  • Broken limbs: If a wayward car causes the motorcycle driver to get out of its way, he or she could lose control and leave the passenger flying. Upon landing on the asphalt, the passenger could break multiple limbs.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: A motorcycle passenger may be flung off the motorcycle if there’s a head-on collision with a car. Without a helmet, the passenger will probably suffer brain injuries.
  • Spinal injuries: Depending on how the passenger falls off of the motorcycle, he could end up with a spinal injury. For example, this could happen if he falls off the the bike and lands on the asphalt back-first.

Hit on Motorcycle as a Passenger

A personal injury attorney will be able to help you gather up all of the medical bills and determine future costs for your PI claim.

Determining the damages for your personal injury case yourself is possible, but having an attorney handle it instead will ensure that you get to focus on your recovery instead.

Damage to the Motorcycle

Naturally, the motorcycle was probably damaged in the accident. The owner could get compensation for repairs that need to be made on it, including ones for:

  • Broken mirrors: The motorcycle could fall to the side, and the mirrors would shatter.
  • Destroyed handlebars: A car could hit the motorcycle from the side and scatter it across the road, bending the handlebars.
  • Shattered tail lights: A car could hit the motorcycle with great force from behind, breaking the tail lights.

It’s possible to include the repair costs in a personal injury claim, but it’s best to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine what to include in the claim and how.

Get the Help You Need Today

Recovering from an injury is hard enough, particularly when coupled with the stress of paying off medical bills. However, you don’t have to deal with that stress if you manage to get compensation for your injuries.

A personal injury case can help you get those funds so that you can get the care you need.

The most effective way of going about that is by having a personal injury attorney. That attorney will work on your behalf free of charge unless you win your case.

Having a PI attorney handle your case can ensure that your case and your recovery both get the attention that they deserve.