Motorcycle Crash While Merging on Highway

Motorcyclists have some big disadvantages when it comes to riding alongside motorists. Not only are they harder to see on the road due to their small size, but motorcycles are also lacking four doors for protection.

If you have been hit by a car that was merging into traffic, you might be eligible for a personal injury claim to receive compensation for any medical bills, damage to your bike, and even pain and suffering.

Injuries You Might Sustain If Hit While Merging

Injuries from merging crashes will vary depending on how fast you were traveling when you were hit by a car, and how hard you were hit by the motorist.

Some common injuries you might sustain include:

  • Broken Limbs: It’s possible you’ll break your leg from the impact of the other car, or from simply falling off your bike after the merging crash.

  • Road rash: If you’re hit by a car as it merges onto the highway, it’ll be hard to stay on your bike. When you fall, it’s more than likely you’ll have some kind of road rash, which is extremely painful and can take weeks to heal.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): TBIs are a common injury for motorcyclists. Most cars merge onto highways, so if you’re involved in a high-speed motorcycle crash, you may have a traumatic brain injury. Damage from a TBI can be permanent and life changing.

Motorcylce Crash While Merging

Medical bills can be factored into personal injury claims. You can also claim for any future medical costs, so if you need to go to therapy or mental health services for trauma after you are hit by a car that merged into your lane, you can have those costs covered as well.

Damage to Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles typically cost upwards of $10,000. High-speed crashes can total a bike. Here are some expenses you might incur:

  • Broken Mirrors: If you’re hit from the side, easily breakable objects like mirrors and even handlebars could be damaged.

  • New Paint Job: If you fall and your bike skids along the asphalt after a car merges into you, it’s likely you’ll need to repaint your bike.
    A new motorcycle. High-speed crashes are some of the deadliest for motorcycle users. It may not be possible to salvage the bike.

Damaged materials can be claimed in personal injury lawsuits as well. You can include the costs of your motorcycle’s repair in a settlement, or the value of your wrecked motorcycle if the damage is irreversible.

A personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle injury law can help you determine what damaged property you should include in the claim.

Receiving Help Today

If you have been involved in a crash with a car that merged into you, it can be challenging to prove your claim. The motorist might argue that you were the one who merged illegally, or that you were impossible to see.

If you cannot prove that you were not at fault for the merging crash, you might not be eligible for a personal injury claim.

To significantly improve your chances of winning a personal injury claim, you should speak with a PI attorney.

Personal injury lawyers handle some of the most common motorcycle crashes and can determine if you are entitled to a settlement. PI lawyers do not get paid unless you win your claim, so there’s nothing to lose by having your claim evaluated today.