Motorcycle Crash With Driver Passing On Left

Visibility is an issue that many car drivers seem to have with motorcyclists-- namely, that people in cars can’t seem them. This leaves motorcyclists more vulnerable to accidents in general.

In a scenario where a driver is making a left turn and a motorcyclist is in the left lane, that driver may not have seen the motorcyclist, and the results can be terrible.

Injured motorcycle riders do have a way of fighting back, though. A personal injury claim can be one of the best ways for injured riders to get the financial compensation they need for their recovery.

Left Lane Motorcycle Injuries: Drivers Passing on the Left

An unexpected left turn by a car can put a motorcyclist in danger-- especially if that car wasn’t using turn signals. The motorcycle driver could suffer:

  • Paralysis: If the car plows right into you in an attempt to make the left turn, you could fly off of your motorcycle and end up with a spinal or brain injury that paralyzes a certain part of your body. Therapy can help, but your mobility may be limited for the rest of your life.
  • Road rash: You may swerve to avoid the car that just turned in your lane, and you could lose your balance. This can cause road rash, a skin injury that could take weeks to recover from.
  • Broken arm: When a driver attempts to make a left turn into the lane you’re in, the car could clip your wheel. This could knock you off your bike, and you could break your arm in the landing.

Motorcycle Hit while driver passed on left

You’re eligible to present the costs associated with your injuries in your claim, including future costs. An example of a future medical cost would be a rehabilitation center you’d have to stay at for your recovery.

Damage to Your Motorcycle

Although motorcycles are more damage-resistant than human beings, they too can suffer injuries in an accident. After an accident, you may need to fix:

  • A broken headlight: Your motorcycle could’ve flipped forward if a car hit it while making a left turn. Depending on how it landed, the headlight (an essential riding element) could’ve been destroyed.
  • Damaged mirrors: When motorcycles land on their sides after being tipped over, the mirrors will most likely suffer serious damage.
  • The entire motorcycle: The motorcycle may have different types of damage that have left it unable to function. You may need to spend well over a thousand dollars on repairs or, if it’s been totaled, a new motorcycle.

After an accident, it isn’t uncommon to shell out a lot of money on repairs for your motorcycle, if it can be salvaged at all. Keep in mind that you’re able to include those costs in your personal injury claim as well, though you should do so at the discretion of your attorney.

Get the Help You Need Today

Getting compensation may be essential for you, and it may also be more than you can handle right now. That’s okay; that’s why personal injury attorneys are here to fight for clients like you.

Your PI attorney will work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the money you need for your recovery, which will let you focus on what matters: your health.