Rear-Ended By Car On Motorcycle

Getting rear-ended is tedious when you’re driving a car. When you’re on a motorcycle, getting rear-ended can be life-threatening.

People on motorcycles can suffer more serious injuries because they are not in the enclosed environment of a car.

These serious injuries can also result in serious medical bills. Fortunately, personal injury claims offer someone who was injured on a motorcycle a way of getting the compensation that person needs.

Injuries You Might Sustain When Rear-Ended by a Car

If you’re rear-ended by a car while you’re on a motorcycle, you could suffer a number of different types of injuries, including:

  • Road rash: When a car rear-ends you at a moderate speed, it could knock you off your motorcycle. This could leave you skidding into the road, ultimately causing a painful and severe skin injury. Road rash can take weeks to recover from.
  • Broken limbs: If you fall off of your motorcycle, your motorcycle could end up landing on your arm or leg. A heavy motorcycle could easily break an arm or leg.
  • Shoulder injuries: It’s possible to be rear-ended and land on your shoulder. Thi s may require surgery or months of therapy to completely heal.

Motorcycle Rear-ended by car

Any costs from significant injuries that resulted from your accident should be included in your claim, and future medical costs from the injury can also be included. Having an attorney can be particularly helpful with this part of the process.

Damage to the Motorcycle

There’s almost certainly going to be damage to a motorcycle when it’s in an accident. This is because after an accident, the motorcycle will land on its side, which almost certainly destroys part of it.

There are different types of damage, such as:

  • Damaged paint job: If the motorcycle lands on its side, the paint job will most likely be scuffed-- and possibly ruined.
  • A broken tail light: A car could hit your tail light hard enough to destroy it in a rear-ender.
  • Shattered mirrors The mirrors on your motorcycle could break if it falls over.

The repair costs can be included in personal injury claims, but you’ll want to consult with a personal injury attorney about exactly what to include-- the process can be a bit obtuse, and it’s easiest if an attorney handles it.

Get Help with Your Claim Today

For a motorcyclist, getting rear-ended isn’t just a nuisance-- it can be a nightmare. A PI attorney can serve as the ally and advocate that you’ve needed since your motorcycle accident.

You need to be able to pay your medical bills, and a successful personal injury claim could be your way to attaining that.

If you want to have a successful claim, hiring a personal injury attorney could be one of your best paths to success.

Your attorney is going to work diligently, and you won’t even have to pay him or her unless you win your case (since most of them work on a contingency fee basis). Most importantly, having someone else handle it will allow you to focus on your health and your recovery.