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Motorcycle Crash, Swerved Into Another Motorcycle

If you were riding your bike when you swerved into another motorcycle, you could have suffered a variety of damages as a result of the crash that ensued. You could suffer physical injuries that lead to medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and you could also suffer property damages because of your bike being involved in the crash and requiring repairs.

Regardless of the damages suffered, you might be able to recoup compensation by filing a personal injury claim with the insurance company.

Injuries Resulting After Having Swerved into Another Motorcycle

Usually, this kind of crash will result in less serious injuries. However, you can experience pay and miss work while you work on recovering. Here are some common injuries that might result from swerving into another bike:

  • Mild road rash - When you hit the pavement, it will be hard on your skin. You can expect to suffer mild road rash from the pavement coming into contact with you. Road rash is painful and can result in scarring if not properly treated.

  • Sprained ankle - Your ankle will suffer injuries because you will try to stop your bike or keep it from overturning. A sprain can take weeks to heal and is a very painful injury.

  • Cuts and lacerations - The parts of your bike, the pavement, and the other bike can lead to cuts and lacerations. Some of these cuts might require stitches or staples as well as ongoing care.

You need to keep copies of your medical records, bills, and any receipts to support your claim. These will show the insurance company the severity of your injuries and the total medical expenses.

Motorcycle Swerved Into Another One

Damages to Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle will suffer damages if you swerve into another bike. Most likely, your bike is repairable, but the expenses can add up fast.

Here are some of the common motorcycle damages that can result:

  • Warped wheel - The wheel of your bike can be warped when you swerve into another bike.

  • Flat tire - Swerving and crashing can easily result in a flat or damaged tire that must be replaced.

  • Paint - Your bike's paint will be scratched and damaged, so your bike will need a new paint job.

Get written estimates for repairing your bike's damage. Keep receipts for anything you have done, such as a new tire or wheel purchase. These documents are needed to negotiate with the insurance company for property damages.

Getting Help Today

If you have been involved in a bike crash because you swerved into another motorcycle, you should consult with a motorcycle injury attorney before you file your personal injury claim. Your attorney can investigate the crash, determine the damages that resulted, and then aggressively pursue compensation for the damages.

With the help of your lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve. Your attorney won't be paid until you have been compensated, so you have nothing to lose. Schedule a free case evaluation today to get your personal injury claim for a bike crash started.

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