Ran Off the Road in Michigan

If you were ran off the road in Michigan, you have suffered various damages and injuries. You might be able to file a personal injury claim against the driver of the vehicle that ran you off the road. Through a personal injury claim, you can recover compensation for your damages and injuries.

Sometimes you can be run off the road and have no contact with the other vehicle. In those cases, you might depend on the eyewitness statements to support your claim.

Michigan uses modified comparative negligence, so you can file a claim against the other party as long as you are not considered to be more than 51% at fault for the crash that resulted.

How Negligence Plays A Role In Being Ran Off The Road

Most car accidents could be avoided and are the result of negligence. If a driver is negligent, he or she has ignored traffic laws. Negligence might include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, ignoring traffic control devices, or crossing the line of traffic and running you off the road.

If you can prove that the other driver's negligence contributed to the crash and caused your damages, you can have a successful personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer will help you prove that negligence was a contributor to the crash and that if the other driver had not been negligent, the accident would have been avoided.

Damages That Can Result From Being Ran Off The Road

Several things can impact the severity of a crash resulting from running off the road. When your vehicle exits the roadway, it might come into contact with inanimate objects or your vehicle might rollover and cause serious injuries.

The speed of your vehicle, the location of the accident, and the kind of roadway all come into play. Your vehicle will suffer damages. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and get a written estimate for repairing any damages to your vehicle.

Take photos of any visible injuries as well. You should keep copies of any medical records, medical bills, prescription records, and lost wages. You will also have pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, mental trauma and embarrassment.

You might have long-term disabilities or scarring caused by the crash as well.

Ran Off the Road in Michigan

Consult With A Michigan Personal Injury Attorney

If you were run off the road and suffered damages and injuries, you should consult with a Michigan personal injury attorney. Your auto accident injury lawyer will determine if you should pursue a claim against the other driver for compensation for your damages.

Your lawyer will investigate your accident and gather up any supporting evidence to help you prove your case. Your attorney will be compensated for your judgment or settlement, so you have nothing at all to lose. In Michigan, a two-year statute of limitations applies to personal injury claims.

Schedule a free case evaluation today so you can get your claim on track as soon as possible.

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