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Evidence Needed to Prove Accident Caused Bumper Damage

Bumpers help to absorb the shock of a rear end or front-end collision. Because of this, it is not surprising that they are often the most damaged part of a car after one or the other of these sorts of accidents.

Replacing a badly dented or bent bumper can be expensive, so it is worth pursuing compensation from another driver if you were hit due to their negligent driving.
If more than just your bumpers were damaged or if you were injured as well, then you should not hesitate to find an experienced personal injury attorney to help you process your claim.

Filing a Claim After Bumper Damage

If you intend filing a claim after sustaining damage to your bumpers and any other part of your car, you will need to file a claim with the insurance provider of the driver who hit you. If the claim is contested or the insurer decides to be obstinate, then you may need help from a lawyer to sort out what you should do to obtain compensation.

You basically need to convince the insurer that the damage was definitely done by the negligent actions of the insurer’s client and have detailed documentation to back up your claim for damages. You should also be aware of the time limits imposed by the state which determine just how long you have before a claim is inadmissible. Generally, you have 2 to 3 years to file a claim, but it is advisable to start the process as early as you can.

Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Bumper Damage

Specific Evidence Needed For Proving Bumper Damage

Bumper damage is generally very visually obvious, but you do need to show evidence that the bumper(s) were damaged during the accident. Take photos if you can of the damage and date stamp the photos.

If there are eye witnesses, take their contact details and ask them politely if they would be prepared to send in a statement explaining what they saw. If police arrive, which they may do so if there is a traffic hold-up, they may also compile an accident report which can be used as evidence. The bumper(s) will need repairing, so you will also be able to get invoices and a report from the mechanic explaining what repairs were done and why.

Why You Should Work With a PI Lawyer When Filing For Bumper Damage

The cost of repairing or replacing bumpers can be quite high, possibly hundreds of dollars. It is worth filing a claim for compensation if you think that someone else caused the damage by the way they were acting or because they were not concentrating on what they were doing.

It can help to get advice from a personal injury attorney, especially if the repair bill seems to be very high or if there was other damage to the car or injuries that need treating. Most personal injury attorneys do not charge up-front. Legal fees tend to be deferred to the end of the settlement process, when a compensation payment is made.

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