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Evidence to Prove Car Accident Caused Truck Cap Damage

Many serious accidents happen on the roads. One example is when a truck cap is damaged, as this probably means the impact was particularly great, as truck caps are fixed, solid features of a truck. The only way a truck cap could be damaged is if the impact from the car accident was so severe that the back of the truck was badly crushed, causing the truck cap to cave in. This sort of damage can be included in a personal injury compensation damages claim as long as the truck owner was not in any way to blame for the car accident. In addition the truck owner has to be injured seriously so that s/he requires medical treatment and time off work to recover completely.

Filing a Claim with Truck Cap Damage

A personal injury claim can be filed once all the proof has been put together proving who or what caused the car accident and truck cap damage. Damage to any car cannot be submitted on its own but has to be part of a PI claim where the victim is asking for compensation to pay for medical treatment and cover loss of income as well as ask for an amount to cover pain and suffering.

It is only hard and fast evidence that can provide the grounds for filing a PI claim. This means providing eye witness and police reports of the cause of the accident as well as the victim’s doctor’s report indicating the severity of the injuries and the likely long term costs of medical treatment. More evidence is required to show vehicle and truck cap damage. The full PI claim must be filed within the statute of limitations in force in the state where the PI claim is to take place.

Evidence to Prove Car Accident Caused Truck Cap Damage

Specific Evidence Needed for Proving Truck Cap Damage

On top of the victim’s evidence showing who or what caused the truck cap damage the car repairer’s report indicating that the truck cap damage took place in that particular car accident should be included too. Many insurers try to get out of compensating victims for vehicle damage because there is insufficient proof showing when the damage took place.

Photos taken of the truck cap damage help to prove the damage took place during that particular car accident. The insurer is quick to find any evidence that the truck cap damage took place at an earlier date. The sure signs of damage at some other time are a rusty appearance of the truck cap.

Why you Should Work with a PI Lawyer When Filing for Truck Cap Damage

PI claims are difficult to win in the absence of a personal injury lawyer. If you want the best settlement possible including the cost of damage to your truck cap you are advised to talk to an experienced PI lawyer who will do his/her best to claim a fair and just settlement for you.

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