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Can a Lawyer Help With My Construction Zone Accident Claim?

Construction zones are a necessary annoyance. Someone has to keep our highways well maintained. Unfortunately, not all construction zones may be orderly. The site activity may be a mess.

Obstructions or the road surface itself may cause accidents. Visibility may make it difficult for vehicle drivers to see where to go. When workers have vacated the site, it might even become a free for all.

On top of that, not all drivers are courteous or careful as they negotiate their way through the zone.

If you are hurt or your car is damaged in a construction zone accident, you may wish to talk to a personal injury lawyer about claiming compensation.

Typical Causes of Construction Zone Auto Accidents

Construction zones on major highways are often the scene of bad accidents.

If an auto accident happens, the main causes could be any of the following:

  • Obstructions, such as machinery belonging to the maintenance team or company, have been badly positioned or left, become loose, or roll into the way of passing vehicles.
  • The traffic control system may not be working properly, making passing through the zone chaotic and hazardous.
  • Another driver’s negligence may have caused the crash.
  • Drivers are expected to drive slowly and only proceed when directed to do so. Most construction zones have warnings posted about speed limits and there are fines for ignoring them.

    However, some drivers fail to take any notice and put their lives and others at risk by driving too fast through the zone or taking chances trying to get around barriers or other obstacles.

    They may also be too tired, intoxicated or affected by drugs to respond quickly enough to sudden changes in the route through the construction zone.

    Can a Lawyer Help With My Construction Zone Accident Claim?

    What You Need to Do After a Construction Zone Auto Accident

    If you know what caused the accident and believe that it was not your fault you have a reasonable chance of obtaining compensation through a civil claim.

    A claim should be filed with the at-fault party’s insurer together with all supporting documentation.

    The most important documentation you should provide is proof of who, or what, was to blame. To be able to claim compensation through a personal injury claim you must be able to prove that negligence contributed to your auto accident.

    For example, if the zone was supposed to be lit because of the difficulties in seeing the route through the construction area, but the lights were not working, you may decide that whoever was in charge of the construction zone was responsible.

    If you were hit by a speeding driver, then you must have proof that this driver was at fault. In addition to proof of fault, you will need to show that you were injured or your vehicle was damaged or both.

    You will need proof of how much this has cost you in medical bills, lost earnings vehicle damage and any amount for pain and suffering.

    How Could a Lawyer Help Me With My Claim?

    Filing a personal injury claim can be an intimidating and quite complicated process.

    An experienced personal injury lawyer will have dealt with claims like yours many times before and can provide an objective opinion about your chances of success if you decide to file a claim.

    If your chances are good, the lawyer can help make sure you have sufficient evidence and other documentation to support a claim that addresses both your injuries and any property damage that occurred as the result of the auto accident.

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