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Hit on the Side by a Driver Distracted by a GPS

GPS use is commonplace these days. It is a very useful device, especially if you are in a city you are unfamiliar with, but it can be very distracting using a GPS. It is quite easy to be hit by a driver who is peering at a GPS on the dashboard or windscreen and therefore not concentrating on what they are doing.

You and any other occupants of your car may be badly injured and face severe financial loss as a result of the injuries. You have the right to sue the driver if negligence can be proven, e.g. he or she was distracted by the GPS at the time of the crash. It is always preferable to get expert legal advice from a personal injury attorney before filing a claim.

What is the Chance of a Side Impact Accident Caused by a Driver Distracted by a GPS?

Car accidents now occur more frequently as a result of distracted driving than any other cause, according to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). A GPS, although a very useful device, is just as much a source of distraction as things like cell phones.

Drivers often refer to a GPS when they are in territory they are not well acquainted with. That means glancing sideways, upwards or downwards at a GPS screen momentarily while navigating traffic. All it takes is a few seconds lack of concentration on the road ahead and an accident is in the making.

I Was Hit on the Side by a Driver Using a GPS

Side impact collisions are likely when the distracted driver veers out of his or her lane on a highway into the path of another vehicle in the adjoining lane. Side impact collisions can cause a domino effect, with several more vehicles potentially involved.

Possible Side Impact Crash Injuries

Injuries may vary from slight to extremely severe, depending on the circumstances. The speed at which the impact takes place and the relative size of the two vehicles are two important factors that determine the severity of the injuries caused. If the vehicle that is hit is pushed further out of the lane they are in, there is the possibility of hitting another vehicle or being forced off the road altogether. Typical car crash injuries include lacerations, neck, head and chest injuries, broken bones and brain injury.

What You Could do to Recover Damages

If you have been hit by a distracted driver in a side impact accident, it is likely that you will be injured and your car damaged. You should be able to claim damages from the other driver’s insurance company, although this may depend on the state in which the accident happened.

In no-fault states, only seriously injured car accident victims can file personal injury claims. You will need to find out the state-specific rules that govern personal injury compensation, such as how long you have before a claim is denied, what you should do if you were hit by an employee of a government agency, and so on. This is where an attorney will be of great help.

The success of all personal injury claims depends on sufficient evidence to show that injuries were caused by a specific act of negligence which could have been avoided. A driver who hits another car because of distraction by a GPS fits into this category.

Why You Should Use an Attorney to Help You With a Personal Injury Claim

Few personal injury claims are straightforward. Insurance adjusters will do all they can to avoid liability for injuries caused by one of their clients. They are skilled negotiators, and you will have a higher chance of succeeding in obtaining fair compensation if you use an experienced personal injury attorney to help you with your claim.

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