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Hit in a Hilton Parking Lot*

Tens of thousands of people are injured annually in car crashes across the United States. Many of these accidents happen in parking lots rather than on heavily populated streets or busy interstates. Parking lot accidents can result in serious injuries that impact the victim for years to come. Whether you are walking across the parking lot and hit by a car or sitting in your parked vehicle and hit from behind, you can be injured. If you can prove without a doubt that the driver was negligent when the accident occurred, you can pursue a personal injury claim to recoup compensation for the damages that you suffered because of the crash. This compensation will cover your losses and expenses.

Accidents Can Happen in a Hilton Parking Lot

Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a global brand that is owned by Hilton Worldwide. Conrad Hilton founded the company in Cisco, Texas, in 1919. The company is currently headquartered in McLean, Virginia. There are more than 570 Hilton Hotels and Resorts properties spread across 85 countries. These are properties that Hilton either owns, manages, or franchises directly. Hilton Hotels and Resorts is the flagship brand for the company and is one of the world’s largest hotel brands. The brand targets leisure travelers as well as business travelers, with locations placed near airports, in major city centers, by convention centers, and at popular vacation destinations.

Because of their locations, Hilton hotels have heavy traffic. Cars are entering from airports or convention centers at all hours of the night and day. Vehicles are leaving for destinations at all hours as well. Many of these drivers are fatigued or rushed. They might be in a hurry to grab an empty parking space or they might have trouble backing out of a parking spot. There is a real risk of being involved in an accident in the parking lot, whether you are hit in your car or struck as a pedestrian walking to or from the hotel.

Car Crash Hilton Hotels and Resorts Parking Lot Personal Injury

Injuries that Can Result from a Hilton Parking Lot Accident

When you are walking to your car from the hotel or to the hotel from your car, you are the most vulnerable. Cars are going to be rushed as they enter or exit the parking lot, as they maneuver around parked vehicles, look for an empty parking spot, and pull in and out of parking spaces. Sometimes drivers get distracted and fail to properly check their surroundings when backing up or pulling in. Common injuries suffered in Hilton parking lot accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts, abrasions, and bruises
  • Internal injuries

Even if you are sitting in a parked vehicle in the Hilton parking lot, you could be hit from behind and suffer serious injuries.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Deal with a Claim Better than You Can

Although the accident might seem cut and dry, it rarely is. Personal injury claims are challenging, so proving liability requires the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your accident injury attorney can determine if you have a strong case and can recover compensation for your damages.

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The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Hilton or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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