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How to Prove 7-Eleven’s Negligence Caused a Slip and Fall*

7-Elevens are frequently used by people who want a quick snack, some groceries, gas or a cold drink. Because they are often understaffed, the person behind the cash register doesn’t always know what is happening out in the store. If someone drops an iced coffee or a slurpee on the floor then walk out, it’s quite easy to slip and fall over on it. Slip and fall injuries can be serious and also prove to be expensive. If you believe that your injuries were preventable and were caused by a negligent 7-Eleven store, you may be able to claim compensation from 7-Eleven. It’s best to talk to a personal injury attorney before you file a claim.

Typical Slip and Fall Accidents in a 7-Eleven Store

Most slip and fall accidents happen because of slippery floors. These tend to be quite common in busy convenience stores like 7-Eleven. Customers are often in a hurry and may spill their drinks or snacks on the floor. Employees are often too busy with taking money to notice what is happening in the store and may not respond quickly enough if there has been something spilled. Leaving slippery substances on the floor of a convenience store is risky as sooner or later someone is going to slip over and possibly injure themselves.

Proving Negligence After a 7-Eleven Slip and Fall Injury

If you have slipped over and injured yourself in a 7-Eleven, you may be wondering whether you should be compensated. Many unexpected injuries can be serious enough to be a financial burden. You will need to prove that the person running the store when you had your accident knew that there was a hazard that could cause injury but did nothing about it. Even if the employee didn’t know about the slippery floor or whatever caused your injury, if it was there for too long a period, then this might still be regarded as negligence. Your best form of evidence is a statement or statements from eye witnesses that can confirm what happened and why it happened.

What to Include in a Claim for Compensation Against 7-Eleven

To make a claim for compensation you will need to submit evidence with the claim that proves that negligence on the part of the store workers or the company itself was responsible for your injury. With that proof you should also include details of your medical condition from a physician or medical facility, bills that you have had to pay related to your injury and any other costs, current or predicted for the future, related to the accident.

What Are the Four Elements of Negligence?

How a PI Attorney Can Help You With a Claim

Taking on a corporation such as 7-Eleven after an accident for which you were not to blame can be difficult without expert legal assistance. Most personal attorneys have dealt with slip and fall claims many times before so can provide valuable advice and negotiate a settlement on your behalf if there is a good chance of success.

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The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against 7-Eleven or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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