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What is No Fault Auto Insurance?

Why do I need auto insurance?

Auto accident is one of the main reasons for suffering a personal injury. The payment of claim amount depends upon certain factors like whether the state where the accident occurred is a no fault state or a fault state. This is where auto insurance laws of a state come in to play.

Furthermost, a personal injury claim amount helps the injured person in:

  • Sorting his medical bills.
  • Getting much needed relaxation time for the injuries to heal properly.
  • Covering other losses and expenses of the injured person as well.

Understanding no fault auto insurance

A no fault auto insurance claim is also known as a Personal Injury Protection claim. An injured person can make a claim under no fault auto insurance law against his own automobile insurer. Medical bills along with other expenses and losses suffered by the victim can be settled with the help of no fault auto insurance. The injured person’s auto insurance company will settle his various expenses up to the amount of the claim or up to the state’s no fault limit, whichever of the two is less.

In case the medical bills are more than the state’s no fault limit, the injured person needs to bear his expenses from his pocket. In point of a health insurance cover, the insurer is bound to pay the medical charges from that point of time.

If the person suffering injuries has got Medicare or any health insurance program run by the state, then these agencies are entitled to pay the bills of the injured person. However, in situation where the injured person does not have any insurance cover, then he needs to pay his entire bill all by himself.

Comparative negligence law means?

A comparative negligence law can be deduced as the one which brings down the personal injury claim amount to be received by the injured person. This happens only when the injured person is found at a fault that resulted in his injury. Few points need to be looked at in this regard:

  • Was the presence of the person getting injured appropriate at the accident spot?
  • Was there any probability that the victim could have saved himself or lessened the injuries suffered?
  • Was the injured person found careless in his approach and ignored any warnings?
  • Was the victim’s involvement found in any dangerous activity that led to his injury?

According to the comparative negligence fault rule, if the negligent driver is found at a fault of 51% or more, he then loses his right to file a personal injury claim.

How an attorney can assist?

A smart attorney certainly knows a lot of areas where he could support his client and get the task accomplished. He can assist the injured person:

  • By getting in touch with the insurer of the offender
  • By keeping in regular contact of the doctors treating his client, in order to divulge appropriate details
  • By organizing all the bills and medical records
  • By keeping an eye on all the evidence that could help in getting the claim
  • By making a settlement that has everyone’s nod

An attorney can always use his experience and logical thinking in order to make the task of his client a lot easier. You can easily search online and hire a trustworthy personal injury attorney to handle your case.

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