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Should I Keep a Witness Report Form in My Car?

You hope you will never be involved in an auto accident. However, even if you are the most careful driver you could still be unexpectedly involved in an accident. When this happens it’s always best to already be prepared so that such things as any paperwork you may have to do can be done quickly and easily.

One thing you could keep in your car at all times is a witness report form. This is because witnesses are a very important part of any accident. They often see what happens and can determine instantly who is at fault. The drivers themselves often don’t know, as events leading up to an accident happen so fast that deciding the cause is not that easy.

It’s important to know who caused the accident as this affects the ability of any injured victims to file a personal injury claim.

A Witness Report Form is Important in an Auto Accident

When an auto accident takes places events happen so fast that often a driver forgets what’s important. When it comes to making insurance claims those involved need to know what caused the accident and this is when witnesses often hold the key.

Should I Keep a Witness Report Form In My Car In Case of an Accident?

Getting any witnesses to complete a witness report form helps when establishing fault as well as including all contact details. The witnesses can briefly describe what they saw when the accident took place.

This can later be used by the insurer or your attorney when it comes to filing a personal injury claim if the accident wasn’t your fault. If a driver acted negligently and caused your accident, you can’t expect that driver to come up with witnesses who are likely to say it was his or her fault.

You will be dependent on one of your witnesses describing what happened at the time of the accident.

What Information a Witness Report Form Includes

The sorts of key details included on a witness report form means you don’t need to calculate what you would ask for, as it’s all on the form. It includes the witness’s name and contact details, first of all, followed by a description of the accident through the use of a series of questions such as when and where it took place, the vehicles involved, whether seat belts were worn, what the weather was like, what the road conditions were like and where the vehicles involved were travelling to.

Most importantly, there is a section on the form that asks if the witness knows who is to blame for the accident. Witness statements are vital information for an attorney if a personal injury claim is to be filed.

Witness Report Forms and Your Attorney

If you have been injured in an auto accident and you intend to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver, providing a witness report form to your attorney will be of great assistance. He or she will be able to use it as evidence if there is any doubt that the accident wasn’t in any way your fault.

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