What to Do if Injured in an Accident with Tucson’s SunTran*

Bus accidents do happen from time to time and can cause significant damage to any vehicle involved and serious injuries. You have the right to claim fair compensation from the city if you can prove that you were not at fault and that the driver or the bus company itself behaved negligently.

Some states have a limited statute of limitations for government entities, so you do have to act fairly swiftly if contemplating a claim. A personal injury attorney can improve your chances of obtaining compensation.

How an Accident Could Happen

Not all city bus drivers behave in a considerate and safe way with respect to other road users. Pedestrians and cyclists are always at most risk as they are very vulnerable to any contact with a bus, but smaller vehicles can also be badly crushed or damaged and their occupants injured.

Many city bus accidents happen just as a bus leaves a bus stop, or changes lanes without signaling. Accidents also happen at intersections when bus drivers fail to yield the right of way or cut off another road user on their inside without noticing their presence.

Damages You Could Claim

When compiling a personal injury claim, you should provide evidence of what you are claiming.

The main damages normally claimed are for the cost of medical treatment, lost earnings, damage to any property such as a car, pain and suffering and possibly punitive damages. The latter is only granted if it can be proved that gross negligence caused your injuries.

How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

The first point when thinking of a claim for compensation is the statute of limitations. For a claim against public transit you will need to get your ‘notice of claim’ in within the first 180 days after an accident. .

Often, the initial claim is denied, but that doesn’t stop you from filing a personal injury claim later through the civil court.

Evidence must be submitted that proves that either the bus driver was negligent. You must also have a doctor’s report which shows that the injury for which you are claiming was caused by the bus accident.

Other useful documentation includes medical bills or invoices, the bill for repairing or replacing any damaged property and estimates of any potential future costs related to your injury.

Why You Should Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

You are strongly advised to use an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim. Legal assistance from someone who has dealt with injury claims before can make the difference between successfully and unsuccessfully obtaining compensation.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against SunTran, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.