I Can’t Work After an Accident With No Turn Signal

Accidents with vehicles that don’t have functioning turn signals or whose drivers forget or fail to use them when turning are commonplace. Most drivers are alert to any kind of signal that other drivers use to signal their intentions when passing, or turning into another road or driveway.

Functioning turn signals are a legal requirement and a failure to use them or maintain them would constitute negligence if it causes an accident. If you have been hurt because of an accident with a vehicle that didn’t show a turn signal, you have the right to claim compensation. You will find that you have a better chance of obtaining compensation if you hire a personal injury lawyer.

Injuries That Can Occur After an Accident With No Turn Signal

There are various accident scenarios if a vehicle doesn’t have turn signals activated. It could suddenly turn in front of you into a side road or driveway. It could turn in front of you at an intersection coming from the road opposite.

The driver may intend to change lanes and pull out in front of you. If you are hit head-on you are likely to be more seriously injured than if you hit the vehicle from the rear.

All vehicle accident injuries are worse when the collision happens at speed or if a large, heavy vehicle is involved. Typical injuries include back, neck, facial and head injuries, lacerations, chest and abdominal trauma and burns.

Even minor injuries will need treatment and it is likely you will need time off work to seek treatment and recover. Loss of earnings can be significant and you will want to include compensation for this loss when you file a PI claim.

I Can’t Work After an Accident With No Turn Signal

Filing a PI Claim For Injuries After an Accident With No Turn Signal

You will want to file a personal injury claim against the other driver’s insurance cover if you were injured because they didn’t use a turn signal or their turn signal was faulty before making a maneuver. The claim should include both economic damages (cost of medical treatment, loss of earnings and property damage) as well as non-economic damages (pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, punitive damages, etc.).

You will need to prove that it was the turn signal failure that caused the accident. A police officer should come to the crash scene if someone was injured and can inspect the lights at the same time. The officer’s police report, especially if it has a record of a non-functioning turn light, will be very useful evidence. You may also find useful any or all of the following;

  • eye witness statements;
  • photos showing the positions of the two vehicles;
  • report from a car repair yard showing damage done;
  • examination of the other vehicle’s lights ordered by your lawyer.

Working with a PI Lawyer

It is bad enough coping with injuries and wondering how you are going to cope financially. Thinking about legal action you can take can be just too hard. It is best to talk to a PI lawyer about your accident and ask him/her to pursue a claim o your behalf. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation today!

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