I Can’t Work After a Tow Truck Damaged My Car

In the United States, there are 35,000 towing companies, with hundreds of thousands of people being employed through this helpful industry. Tow trucks are at a greater risk of causing injuries in an accident due to their weight and size.

When they are merging with traffic and make a wrong move a serious side swipe accident could take place causing catastrophic injuries to the occupants of the other car. One of the jobs of a tow truck driver is strapping the vehicle down securely. Sometimes cables break and the car rolls onto the road into moving traffic causing a serious accident and life changing injuries.

Injuries That Can Occur in a Tow Truck Accident

Due to the heavy nature of a tow truck any accident with a smaller, lighter car is likely to inflict serious damage to the car as well as serious injuries to the driver and passengers of the car. If a car on the tow truck falls directly into traffic any car in the way is likely to have a head-on collision. These could cause nasty injuries like:

  • traumatic brain injury if the driver’s head strikes the windshield;
  • lacerations to the face if windshield glass is smashed;
  • whiplash, as the car comes to a halt with little warning, causing uncontrollable neck movements.

I Can’t Work After a Tow Truck Damaged My Car

Filing a PI Claim for Injuries From a Tow Truck Accident

As soon as you discover the cause of the accident and it was not your fault you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. This covers you for the financial hardship caused by the accident such as lost wages while you recover, the full cost of medical treatment, repairs to your car and non-economic damages calculated based on the severity of your injuries.

In other words you will get paid your full wages until you are able to return to work. Before you can file a PI claim you need to have the proof at your fingertips showing who or what caused the accident. This should include a number of things such as:

  • reports written by eye witnesses;
  • the police report;
  • proof of cost of car repairs;
  • proof of medical treatment and physicians bills you have already paid;
  • crash investigation report if applicable;
  • photographs and/or video camera footage;
  • a document from your employer showing the breakdown of your wages.

Working with a PI Lawyer

One of the greatest fears of an accident victim when a tow truck was involved is not being able to go to work. A PI lawyer knows the stress you are put under and can help you begin your PI claim, which should always cover the amount of wages already lost and a calculation for future losses until you can return to work. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page today!

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