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Personal Injuries - Concussion

One of the more common injuries after an accident is concussion. Although this is rarely permanent and most people recover from it, it can still be painful and debilitating. Even worse, it can mean paying out for medical treatment or losing wages because you cannot go back to work again straight after the accident. If the accident was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation if you can identify who was to blame for the injury. Professional legal help from a personal injury attorney is always advisable if you wish to ensure your claim is successful.

How Concussion Happens in an Accident

Concussion is a mild brain injury that results from a physical impact to the head. This can happen in a sports encounter, a fight or mugging and is frequently a consequence of a vehicle accident or a fall.

It is rare for someone suffering from concussion to lose consciousness and usually the accident victim makes a full recovery, but this can take some time, depending on the severity of the injury.

Concussion usually shows itself with symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • An inability to concentrate or focus
  • Memory impairment or temporary amnesia
  • An inability to achieve balance or co-ordinate movement

Concussion due to negligence?

Sometimes, concussion may be prolonged as post-concussion syndrome. This may extend the initial symptoms of concussion for weeks, months or even a year after the blow to the head. It is important that you get your concussion examined carefully by a doctor and note that his or her diagnosis may be needed for any compensation claim.

Concussion May Mean You Need to Claim Compensation

It is not fair that you have to suffer pain or financial loss because of someone else’s negligent behavior. Concussion can mean medical bills and time off work. You could end up with a hole in your finances you can’t afford unless you can make a successful claim against whoever was responsible for your injury.

Although personal injury law does vary somewhat from state to state, all states allow you to make a claim for compensation if you can demonstrate a strong link between someone’s actions and the injury you now have to deal with. This can be more difficult than it seems as insurance companies are usually reluctant to settle fairly unless the evidence to back up the legitimacy of the claim is absolutely clear cut.

Get Professional Help From an Attorney With Experience in Concussion Claims

Concussion is a real and difficult injury to deal with and will probably mean you have to stay away from work, at least for a period. In 10% of cases, long term post-concussion syndrome can have an impact on you. It is important that you make a realistic claim against the at-fault party; otherwise you could find out that you end up out of pocket. An experienced personal injury attorney, especially one who has dealt with concussion victims before will be able to ensure you make an informed decision about making a claim and help negotiate a fair settlement.

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