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Help! I Got Hurt at a BJ's Wholesale Club. What Do I Do?*

Injured at a Wholesale Club? A Personal Injury Attorney can Help

There are plenty of bargains to be had at a large membership store like BJ’s Wholesale Club. While making your way through the store’s warehouse-like setup, you may unexpectedly encounter a dangerous condition.

Unfortunately, safety concerns in a retail environment often result in slip and fall accidents.

If you were involved in a slip and fall accident at BJ’s, or any other store, you may receive any number of injuries.

An in-store accident can turn your life upside down as your injuries keep you out of work, require expensive medical care to treat, and prevent you from participating in your favorite hobbies and activities.

Various Hazards at a Wholesale Club

BJ’s club stores are known for their wholesale priced products sold in a large warehouse setup. In such an expansive retail setting with many different products, there is the potential for several safety issues.

Some common in-store hazards that could lead to slip and fall accidents at a Wholesale Club include:

  • Partially blocked walkways when bulk products fall from shelves
  • Wet floors in grocery areas from faulty refrigerators and freezers
  • Slick aisles when liquid products, like detergents and cleaners, leak from packages
  • In-store displays and product demo areas that are difficult to navigate past
  • Slippery floors near store entrances from rain water or snow

The store and its employees are responsible for identifying safety concerns. If they fail to inspect the store and correct hazards, it could lead to devastating slip and fall accidents.

Injuries That Can Occur from a Slip and Fall at a Wholesale Club

When you experience a slip and fall at a wholesale club, such as BJ’s, a variety of injuries can occur. These injuries include:

  • Broken bones,
  • Sprained ankles,
  • Concussions,
  • Soft tissue injuries,
  • Hip fractures,
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Sprained wrists,
  • Shoulder dislocations,
  • Spinal cord and back injuries,
  • Cuts or bruises,
  • Shoulder injuries,
  • Nerve damage,
  • Torn muscles,
  • Emotional trauma and more

These different injuries can then require weeks, months or even years of recovery. You may need surgery, braces and casts, physical therapy, and more. As you receive medical attention for your injuries from your slip and fall at BJ’s, or any wholesale club, save copies of all the evidence.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall

After you slip and fall at BJ’s, or any wholesale club, there are certain steps you should take to help your slip and fall claim.

First, notify a manager of your slip and fall. You will need the manager to fill out an accident report of the incident. You’ll later need this for your slip and fall claim.

Next, get medical attention for your injuries. This can be done while someone is getting a manager or employee to let them know of your slip and fall. If you do not get medical attention right away, it may be difficult to prove that your injuries are directly related to your slip and fall.

You should then begin talking with witnesses. If you’re able to, get contact information and statements from those who witnessed your slip and fall. They can provide insight on what lead up to your slip and fall at BJ’s, or any wholesale club, and that you were not at fault for the slip and fall.

If possible, get any images and videos of you slip and fall. This can be store footage or images of what you slipped on.

Keep any of the medical evidence and invoices you receive while seeking treatment for your slip and fall. Once you gather your evidence, you can then file you slip and fall claim against BJ’s, or any other wholesale club.

Personal Injury Claim against a Wholesale Club

In the Pennsylvania Record, personal injury case number 110601894 Ragbirsingh v. BJ’s Wholesale Club, the plaintiff was shopping at BJ’s when they slipped and fell after stepping on a wet patch of floor.

The accident caused physical injuries to several areas of his body including his neck, back and arm.

The plaintiff filed a personal injury suit against BJ’s alleging that the large retailer failed to maintain safe premises. In his claim, they asked for more than $50,000 in compensation to cover the costs of his medical expenses.

You’ve Been Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident, an Attorney Can Help

When you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident at a wholesale club, you will need to prove the store was in some way negligent in order to recover compensation.

Don’t let your rights, as an accident victim, be overlooked in your slip and fall case. Contact a personal injury attorney who can offer equally aggressive and effective representation your case deserves.

An attorney can help fight for your best interests, take the necessary steps to prove your claim, and potentially win the full amount of compensation you need to recover after your slip and fall accident.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against BJ's Wholesale Club, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

Case source taken from pennrecord.com/stories/510551302-bj-rsquo-s-wholesale-club-faces-slip-and-fall-lawsuit

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