What Do I Do If I Got Hurt at Carrows?*

When you and your family decide it would be a nice idea to have a hearty breakfast in a restaurant to save the trouble of cooking at home, you expect it to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You certainly don’t expect to have to accompany a family member to hospital because he or she has slipped and fallen on food and drink that has casually been dropped on the floor.

Typically this event is quite possible as not all restaurant managers pay enough attention ensuring their restaurants are safe places to visit.

If you find the accident was caused by the restaurant’s negligence you may have a case for filing a personal injury against the restaurant in a bid to be relieved of the financial hardship it has involved.

Slip and Fall Accidents Could Happen In a Restaurant

Casual dining restaurants are the most vulnerable to slip and fall accidents as customers tend to move around more often, collecting food and drink, compared to a more formal restaurant environment.

Despite the floors being easy to keep clean in busy casual restaurants they also create a greater chance of a slip and fall accident taking place. This is because they lack carpeting and the tiles used can cause slip and fall hazards if food and liquid dropped on the floor is allowed to stay there for too long.

Of course this would never happen in a well-managed restaurant but if management is slack this is the time when a slip and fall is likely to occur.

Trying to regain balance in a slip and fall accident might be simply too much for most people and if you fall backwards serious back and neck injuries could take place requiring hospital treatment and time off work to recover.

If you slip and fall forwards you could strike your head on a sharp object and be subjected to a traumatic brain injury.

You May Be Entitled To Compensation for Your Slip and Fall Injuries

If you can prove your slip and fall injuries were caused by negligence on behalf of the restaurant staff you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim. However, no restaurant manager wants to admit they were at fault so you should hire an experienced personal injury attorney who may get you the compensation you deserve for an injury that was not your fault.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Carrows, or any other party you may not be entitled to any compensation.