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Have You Slipped and Fallen in a Restaurant?

Here's What You Should Know

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, those who either own the property or operate the business may be liable for your injury. In those instances, if an entity is negligent in making sure its establishment is free of any debris or hazards that could result in an accident, they are responsible for paying your personal injury claim.

That means they are responsible for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Time for any work missed
  • Your pain and suffering

When you go into a restaurant where you sit down, place your order, and wait to be served, you have higher expectations for the establishment, which should be understood.

All retail establishments have responsibilities toward the customers. Among those responsibilities are ensuring that the facility is clear of any debris that could result in an accident that causes injury.

What to Do After You Slip and Fall in a Restaurant

If you slip and fell in a restaurant, the first thing you should do is to seek immediate medical treatment. The medical documents you receive will be important pieces of evidence if you decide to file a personal injury claim against the restaurant. The next thing you should do is to file accident claim, the accident claim documents the details of the slip and fall, as well as the circumstances behind it.

If you slip and fall in a restaurant, you should make sure that you have as much documents surrounding the slip and fall as you can. Make sure to gather any statements from witnesses, photographs of your injuries, as well as the exact location in which the fell occurred.


What Could Cause a Slip and Fall Accident in a Sit Down Restaurant?

There are many potential hazards in a sit down restaurant, but the risks can be reduced significantly or eliminated all-together if the management team and staff are alert and attentive.

A patron could slip and fall on a spilled drink, a water leak in the restroom, napkins or menus dropped on the floor, or dropped food. Attentive employees should pick up dropped napkins, papers, or wrappers right away.

If there is food or drink spilled on the floor, a wet floor warning sign should be placed immediately to warn of the dangers and someone should immediately clean up the area. The entire facility, including the dining room, restrooms, and lobby should be checked to ensure any hazards are removed as quickly as possible.

If a hazard is discovered and it cannot be immediately addressed, there should be a warning for guests, such as a sign or the area should be closed off.

Woman Sues After Falling in a TGI Friday’s Restaurant

A 62-year-old Virginia woman sued TGI Friday’s after she entered the restaurant and allegedly slipped and fell. The restaurant had hardwood floor with polyurethane coating and the victim and restaurant employees testified they did not see anything on the floor.

However, the victim’s daughter said she did not see anything but it seemed as though grease was on the floor. Restaurant employees testified that the floor was always slick and slippery, resulting in people frequently falling.

The woman suffered a fractured hip that required three pins, a herniated disc, and an overall residual disability of 12% of her entire body.

After testimony from an expert safety consultant, building codes enforcement, an orthopedic surgeon, and several other individuals, the court awarded the woman a judgement to cover her past medical expenses, the current value of future medical expenses, past pain and suffering and future pain and suffering.

What Should You Do If You Slip and Fall in a Restaurant

If you have been injured after having slipped and fallen in a sit down restaurant, the restaurant may be liable. You should consult with a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a personal injury claim.

If the restaurant’s employees were negligent, or if the restaurant and its employees failed to adhere to safety codes or standards, the establishment could be held liable for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A personal injury attorney will protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly. He or she can determine what action should be taken and if the restaurant should be held responsible for any injuries that you may have suffered during the fall.

Make sure you have representation on your behalf before trying to deal with insurance adjusters or company executives.

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