Help! I Slipped and Fell at Così! What Do I Do?*

Slip and Fall Accidents at a Restaurant

Few people worry whether they are about to fall over may suffer from an injury, especially when they are going out for a bite to eat or a meal at a restaurant.

Unfortunately, it’s often accidents that happen when least expected may have the most damaging effect. Slipping over in a public place is more common than you think, and may end up with you or a member of your family in the hospital or at home recovering from injuries that you didn’t plan on.

Injuries may be harmful to your personal finances too. If you seriously think that the accident was someone else’s fault, staff at a restaurant or diner, a supermarket manager, whoever, it may be worthwhile contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as your injuries allow to see if anything may be done to recover the expenses you have been saddled with through no fault of your own.

Injuries That Could Result From a Restaurant Fall

Even simply falling over on a patch of wet floor may result in a nasty injury. It all depends on how fast your reflexes are, how you fall and whether part of your body hits something sharp, hard or hot as you slip over or trip up.

Most people tend to only have minor injuries, particularly scratches, cuts or bruises; slight sprains or strains or minor burns if they encounter something hot.

Occasionally, more serious injuries may happen. Broken hands, wrists, ankles, arms and legs as well as spinal damage and brain damage all mean prolonged treatment necessary.

Lawsuits After an Accident at a Restaurant

If you have had an accident in any public place and think that it was the fault of one of the staff or the owner of the property you may be covered by premises liability law and may be able to file a claim for compensation.

Whether you succeed depends on the circumstances and how well you present your case. The law in most states insists that you demonstrate that the accident was due to negligence.

If you fell over a carton or can that had been left on the floor of a restaurant this may be sufficient to show that someone working at the restaurant may have been negligent.

However, it depends on how long the hazard had been lying around and whether the restaurant staff had made any attempt to do something about it.

Why an Attorney’s Experience Counts

Because of the complexity of premises liability law and the importance of obtaining sufficient evidence to demonstrate who was liable for your injuries, it is important to use an experienced accident attorney as soon as your injuries allow you to do so.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Così, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.