Help! I Got Hurt at Seattle's Best Coffee! What Do I Do?*

It is quite possible to slip and fall over in the most unlikely places. They happen when least expected which can mean that relatively simple falls can result in serious injuries. You can even be injured in a coffee shop if there is a hazard present which should not be there. When negligence is involved, it may be worth considering making a personal injury claim against Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop or whoever owns or manages the place you slipped over.

Injuries can become very expensive and there is no reason why you personally should have to shoulder the cost of injuries that were not your fault. Contact a personal injury attorney about your accident as soon as possible.

What Sort of Injuries Could Happen in a Coffee Shop?

It may seem rather unlikely, but it is quite possible to be injured at your local coffee shop. Accidents of the slip and fall variety can happen just about anywhere, even in a coffee shop. They are much more likely to happen when the shop is busy and employees or the management neglect basic safety standards. Slippery, wet floors, especially if coffee has been spilled on them, can be a hazard which is entirely preventable.

Scalding, hot coffee can cause nasty injuries if it spills over a customer at the shop. This is easily possible if the person slips or trips up while holding a cup of coffee. Even if the burn risk is avoided, if the person falls to the ground and hurts him or herself it could mean a trip to the hospital. Broken bones, especially arms and hands, are common slip and fall injuries.

So are dislocated joints and superficial cuts and bruises. The most serious injuries involve penetration of the abdomen, chest or face by a hard or sharp object on falling. If this is what has happened you will certainly be well advised to make a personal injury claim against Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop or wherever you were injured.

Were You Injured at a Coffee Shop? Contact a Lawyer!

If you are considering whether to file a personal injury claim, you need good advice. It is best to choose a personal injury attorney with proven experience in negotiating claims against restaurant chains. These companies tend to be well represented themselves and will resist claims for compensation against them.

An experienced personal injury attorney will have dealt with claims like this many times before and will know what sort of evidence is needed to prove that liability lies with the restaurant or its employees. The attorney will also be able to negotiate more successfully with both the party at fault as well as their insurer.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Seattle's Best, or any other party you may not be entitled to any compensation.