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What Details Need to Be Exchanged in Phantom Vehicle Accident?

If you have been involved in a phantom vehicle accident, you might be left wondering what to do and how your damages will be covered. You need to write down all the details while the accident is still fresh in your mind.

While you have always been told to exchange details with the other driver, that is impossible in a phantom vehicle accident because the other driver has taken off and left the scene. More often than not, these drivers are never identified. However, you need to follow a few rules to make sure your rights are protected and to ensure you can pursue a personal injury claim to recover your damages.

The Process After a Phantom Vehicle Accident

As you would with any other motor vehicle accident, you need to stay on the scene of the crash. Call the police and make sure an accident report is filed. Remember as many details as you possibly can, such as the color of the car, the make and model of the car, a description of the driver, and, if at all possible, the license plate details. Make sure any witnesses stay on the scene to give the details that they recall about the crash. Take photos of the crash scene and your damages with your smartphone, so those photos can prove what took place.

Maintain Documentation

You will need to maintain documentation that supports your claim and your damages. Keep copies of medical records, medical bills, proof of missed work and lost wages, and other documentation to support your claim. Without the documentation, your claim will not go far.

A personal injury claim will require the support of a personal injury attorney, who understands how the process works. These claims are often denied because the other driver has not been identified and the blame falls on you. Your insurance company does not want to spend more on damages than necessary. Every state has a statute of limitations, so don’t wait until it is too late.

What Details Need to Be Exchanged in Phantom Vehicle Accident?

Make Sure Your Rights are Protected

Make sure your rights are protected by consulting with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney will investigate your accident and might uncover details that were overlooked by the initial investigation conducted by the insurance adjuster.

Sometimes something as simple as a quarter-sized indentation or a small shiny area on a bumper might indicate that there was a bump or slight contact. A corroborating witness might not be able to provide additional details that identify the driver but could be helpful by backing up your claim and confirming that another vehicle was involved in the crash.

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Consult with a personal injury attorney today! Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to have your details shared with a personal injury lawyer. When an attorney reviews your case, he or she will recommend the best way to proceed with your claim, so you can recover compensation for your damages.

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