Five Things to do if Your Car was Damaged by a Tow Truck

If you have been involved in an accident, or if your car has suffered mechanical issues, you might need a tow truck to take your car to a repair facility or to your home. You will need to gather documentation, protect your rights, and do everything that you can to have a successful personal injury claim and recover compensation for your losses after a tow truck has damaged your vehicle. Here are five things that you can do if your car was damaged by a tow truck:

  • First, check for witnesses. Witnesses can make or break a personal injury claim. Ask anyone who was standing nearby during loading or unloading about what they saw. Ask for written statements along with their names and contact details. Ask them to be as precise and detailed as possible in their description. Even if you don’t think they can provide many details, be sure to find out what they know. Every little bit of information helps.
  • Next, call the police. You will want to have an accident report completed. Also, make sure you show the police the damages caused by the tow truck and let them know if there were any witnesses. Every little detail can help you with your personal injury claim against the tow truck company.
  • Third, get photos. You should take photos of the damages. Use your smartphone to photograph your car where it is located and be sure to get photos from all angles. If you can find any damage to the tow truck where your car got damaged, get photos of that as well. If you took photos of your vehicle before the tow truck loaded it that can be helpful as the photos can be compared as before and after images.
  • Five Things to do if Your Car was Damaged by a Tow Truck

  • Fourth, look to see if the incident could have been caught on video. Many businesses and parking lots have surveillance video cameras set up. You may have recorded your vehicle being loaded onto the tow truck. Any of these videos can be helpful in proving that the damage was caused by the tow truck.
  • Fifth, work with a personal injury attorney. You will need the help of an accident injury lawyer to pursue a personal injury claim against the tow company. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing to lose. Your case will be carefully reviewed by an attorney at no charge, and the lawyer will determine the best way to proceed with your claim.

It can be challenging to have a successful personal injury claim against a tow company. With the right planning and preparation and along with the right evidence being gathered, you can provide the necessary evidence that will show the tow company is responsible for your damages. A statute of limitations does apply, so don’t wait too long to pursue your claim against the towing company. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form today to have your case details reviewed.

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